Man demonstrating Machine Vision and Embedded Systems

Machine Vision and Embedded Systems


10:00 am - 4:00 pm

Tankersley Manor, Church Lane , Tankersley , S75 2DQ

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About The Event

Machine vision is the application of computer vision to industry and manufacturing. It can be used to monitor a production line, detect faults, automate certain aspects of an industrial process as well as provide quality control. More specifically, machine vision can be employed to control machines used in manufacturing and for the inspection of parts before packaging or labelling. It can also be used for part sorting and grading.

This workshop is aimed at industry managers, process engineers and other similar roles that are involved in a manufacturing process and includes 2 sessions. Eligible attendees will be employees of an SMEs located in the Sheffield City Region. Register to express your interest in attending and we will be in touch.

You will gain a basic understanding of machine vision applications, what components make up a machine vision system and what the main considerations are when designing a machine vision solution to solve a specific problem in manufacturing.
Workshop Schedule

11th July 10:00-16:00- Introduction to machine vision, opportunities in the manufacturing and food industry and machine vision algorithms and coding techniques

This session will introduce the main concepts of image processing and computer vision and how these are typically integrated in a machine vision system used in an industrial application. It will also introduce some typical image processing algorithms and computer vision algorithms that are generally employed in a machine vision system in an industrial application. Particular focus will be given to the manufacturing and food industry. The workshop will provide some hand-on examples of computer vision programming as well as a number of industry case studies being presented.