Survive & Thrive in a post COVID world


10:00 am - 11:30 am


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About The Event

A pandemic is not planned nor is the impact. It has taken us all by surprise.

This makes it even more critical that you now create a Plan to not only Survive but also to Thrive.

Now is the time to take that cool look at your business and see how you can make it fit for the future with clear Goals.

But remember …. a Goal without a Plan is just a Wish.

Join us for this essential workshop to revitalise your business:

  • Stocktake: where you are up to now – what has worked well – what can’t you do now and will have to change – what will you need to do new or differently
  • Implications & Opportunities: What are the implications and opportunities for your business?
  • Create a Vision: of where you want to be by January 2021 – defining what you want to achieve
  • Set clear Goals: with defined actions to achieve your Vision
  • Create a 12 month Plan: of all the essential things you need to do to succeed

It’s simple really – Set Goals …. then Demolish them!

See you there!