The Sky's Not the Limit 'WE ARE! 'Empowerment & Growth Mindset Workshop


9:00 am - 1:00 pm

Digital Media Centre, County Way, Barnsley, S70 2JW

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About The Event

The Sky’s Not the Limit ‘WE ARE! ‘Empowerment & Growth Mind-set Workshop brought to you for FREE by the Launchpad Mentoring Programme.

***Please note that this is an event that forms part of the Launchpad Programme. This event is open to any business that is prestart or under two years of trading. If your company has been trading for  over two years, then you may still be able to attend, but please call 01226 773003 to check first.***

During the session you will have the opportunity to hear from the Launchpad Mentoring Team and the programme’s benefits, plus a chance to hear from Sue Curr, a Mentor from the programme who will cover:

The possibilities for living the life you were meant to live before the world told you how show should are ENDLESS, So tell me “¦

What Would YOU do if you believed that The Sky’s Not the Limit ‘WE ARE!

  • – What would YOU be?
    – Where would YOU go?
    – What could YOU do?

Our minds are the most powerful tool we possess; Yet unless we become self-aware, and take notice of the ‘tricks’ it plays on us? We can and indeed do get ourselves into trouble

Why? Because without doubt, when we run our lives on auto-pilot, we subconsciously handover our power because we forget (if we ever knew in the first place) that WE are ‘or at least should be in control of our life’s journey and that includes the way we think, act and speak.

Our mind if we allow it can become a weapon of mass destruction

For sure it will prevent us ever understanding that The Sky’s NOT the Limit ‘WE ARE! It will sabotage our hopes, our dreams and our aspirations by stopping us in our tracks and filling our minds with doubt. It will prevent many of us from being, doing, achieving or even attempting that which we would dearly love, let alone were born to do


The answer is simple really ‘We believe the story we tell ourselves!

How many times have you heard yourself or others say, or even state as fact something that begins with;

  • – Yes but IF I did “¦
    – I can’t do that because IF I did “¦ and so on?

In order to effect change (of any sort) we have to be willing to take the chance to CHOOSE to change! And yet we don’t.

We stay rooted and safe within our carefully crafted comfort zones

A comfort zone which even though it may be a difficult place to be is infinitely safer than that which awaits us on the other side of change let alone reach for the stars because we know beyond doubt that The Sky’s Not the Limit ‘WE ARE

This Course Addresses

Taking those first, yet often scary first steps toward;

  • – Reclaiming your life
    – Committing to living it in your own way
    – Doing so on your own terms with both purpose & passion
    – Letting go of the need to apologise, justify, or explain yourself EVER!
  • Is it easy? NO! Is it worth it? DEFINITELY!

Are you are looking to make long-lasting, positive & sustainable change in any area of your life be that: personally, in your relationships or within your business? Then ‘Look No More

Life can be viewed through one of two windows those of Fear or Opportunity

This Workshop is For You If;

Fear, stress, worry and anxiety etc are impacting negatively on your life in ANY way. Particularly if you feel that you are being held back by the fear of;

  • – Failure
    – Making Mistakes
    – The Opinions of Other
    – Change
    – Not being enough
  • Every situation is different the problems, needs & requirements of each of us are as unique as our fingerprints but “¦

You will come to understand;

  • – why fear has such a physiological & debilitating effect on us
    – that you have the key to and control over your mind
    – you can use that power to create the reality of your dreams
    – how fear is only a link between our current & future realities

You Will Learn;

  • – How to reboot your mindset and view every situation for what it really is thus dis-empowering its hold over you
    – To maximise your chances of living a positive life by reducing the impact of negativity
    – How to break down obstacles and challenges into chunks and address them individually
    – The best way to hold yourself accountable for your own progress
    – How to immerse yourself in activities which will underpin and promote long term, sustainable change
    – To face life head on and enable yourself to ‘Have the Courage to Be Who YOU Really Are!