How to Think Differently & Problem Solve


2:00 pm - 5:00 pm

Digital Media Centre, County Way, Barnsley, S70 2JW

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About The Event


Why we sometimes need to think differently ‘what should I think about this and what could I think about that?

How to let go of our assumptions and form new habits for thinking differently and choosing the right solution for the right problem.

What stops us from stopping and thinking?
Learn how to create a problem solving strategy.
By the end of this three hour workshop, attendees will be able to;

  • Plan for projected problems and focus on the right problems
  • Save time by understanding which problem solving method fits the
    current situation
  • Understand all the options for thinking creatively
  • Enable others to think differently
  • Avoid self-stalling and move ideas to actions
  • Recall the problem solving techniques practiced on the day
  • Use the workbook provided to explore further resources
  • Put into practice methods for generating ideas
  • Avoid the pitfalls of first time employees and know where to go if things go awry
  • Innovas have been running and supporting small businesses for many years. They understand the pressures often associated with setting up and operating a small business.
  • They are therefore ideally qualified to give you the bene t of their experience when it comes to solving problems and finding alternative ways to overcome practical issues.