Robot with human face pushing blocks around table

Working with Robots: Human-Robot Co-Working


9:00 am - 5:00 pm

Factory 2050, Europa View , Sheffield, S9 1ZA

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About The Event

As part of the Sheffield Innovation Programme, robotics experts from both of Sheffield’s universities are collaborating to deliver an innovative workshop to inspire collaboration between the Sheffield Robotics Institute and industry. This is an opportunity to exchange ideas and learn about the possibilities offered by the emerging field of Cobotics technologies. We aim to engage with industry and workforce stakeholders, businesses eligible to attend should be based in the Sheffield City Region.

The workshop will explore where robots share tasks with humans making manufacturing more flexible, allowing for bespoke manufacture and creating more opportunities for split operations (where robots and humans share tasks according to strengths and cognitive capabilities). This event will provide an opportunity for industry to understand how to adopt and implement robot-human co-working in real settings.